Treasure of the Rudras



Product Description

I’ll be honest and fess that I’ve never played this one, but the summary alone is worth taking a second look for sure.

Treasure of the Rudras is your nice, solid RPG, with the normal fixings and works, but with a special, unique magic system unlike most others. Instead of the pre-created spells most games provide, you are practically limitless in spell creativity. Every spell you produce will have an effect, but the way you build it, use it, etc. can dictate how useful it will be.

Treasure of the Rudras is built with our top-of-the-line hardware, comes complete with clean edge connectors, new battery, and is available in different colored shells. Keep this widely unknown gem in your wish list, for it makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.

This cart is compatible with all Snes and clone systems! Woohoo!

Additional Information

Snes Colors

Gray, translucent red


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