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This is a unique “The Simpsons” 4 games in 1 cartridge for the Snes. You won’t find this cartridge anywhere else! It’s a one of a kind, and lots of fun. Throwing tomatoes at pupils from school (and hitting principal skinner or the twins! haha!), jumping on square platforms over lava, Lisa dropping fairy dust on you that turns you into a frog, and more are on this cartridge. You won’t be disappointed about adding it to your collection, you can’t help but pop it in when you see it and play a few rounds.

This custom Simpsons Collection includes:

Bart’s Nightmare

Virtual Bart

Krusty’s Super Fun House

Itchy and Scratchy Game

This custom quartet of awesome comes complete with clean edge connectors, has been tested for quality performance, and is available in the regular gray shell, or you may choose a color of your choice. This cartridge makes a great gift and  entertainer for a variety of ages (MUCH cleaner than the show), and when you’re ready to switch games, it’s simple- Hold your reset down for 3 seconds, then release.*


*If you have a new generation of the Supaboy, you will have to hold your reset until the screen goes out (about 10 seconds), then hold for an additional 3 seconds. Please read over our FAQ designated for the Supaboy.

**Retron 5, Retro Duo/Trio, and Retro Duo Portable players: Read over the Additional Information or FAQs before purchasing.





Additional Information

Snes Colors

clear, Gray, Translucent Green, translucent red


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