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Want more than just the classic ‘Link to the Past’, or maybe you just need some more Legend of Zelda in your life? Well this cart has your name on it! We’ve got both original and fanmade Legend of Zelda games, and all 4 have enjoyable active gameplay from beginning to end. Fun extra info: When Parallel Worlds-one of the fanmades- was released, the game was SO hard that it wasn’t fun… They went back in, eased up on some things here and there and that is why you’ll see “remodel” next to Parallel Worlds. If you’d like to have the original Parallel Worlds pre-remodel, we can accommodate that request.

This custom Zelda multi cartridge holds:

A Link to the Past

Goddess of Wisdom

Parallel Worlds (remodel)

BS (Broadcast satellite)

Zelda 4 in 1 is built with our top-of-the-line hardware, and is available in the regular gray shell, or a color shell of your choice. This cart will wow any Zelda fanatic, and if you are just getting into Zelda yourself, you’ll love this cart! This 4 in 1 cartridge saves independently and reliably, and switching between games is easy because it is set on our menu system!! Woohoo! First you’ll come to a title screen-press any button to reach the game selection area. Scroll between games and decide which to play first, then press any button to start that game! It’s awesome!

Retron 5-This cart is not compatible


Additional Information

Snes Colors

clear, Gray, Pink, Translucent Green, translucent red, White


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