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The Earthbound Collection! Well, I guess technically it isn’t a collection in the sense of being on one cart, but these are our different EBs that we can provide. We also have EB in multi carts on someof our other listings, so that is also something to look into…

Below is information regarding each individual EB, and what makes them so unique and desirable to play.

  • Earthbound Uncut is the Japanese Earthbound, translated to English. When they brought EB to the States, there was a fuss over clothing on Ness (or the absence of), the Red Cross, coffee replaced alcohol, many cutscenes removed, etc., resulting in a 1/4 of the game being left behind. So this version is the true Earthbound, the way it was intended. Uncut is neat, whether you’ve played before or not, just for the fact that this is EB in its original true form and is an excellent option for everyone.
  • Earthbound: Developer’s Edition is the US version, but with the developers’ toolbox inserted. What does that mean? When they were building Earthbound, they needed a way to test various aspects of the game, such as the ATM, to make sure it functioned properly. When they were finished, they buried the code and that was that. Inconspicuously hidden in the ‘Help’ area, you’ll see your different options to play with.  This cart is an excellent option for those that have not played Earthbound, because you can get through level grinding and tough spots much easier with that handy toolbox. It is a great cart all around, the toolbox is fun to play with and you can really get wild and mow characters down after pumping up your stats and grabbing some serious cash 🙂                  How to get There: Press A> Go to Goods. This will open the ATM card and ask “which?”>Select the ATM card(If you are doing this at start up, you have no other option other than ATM). This will bring you to a small menu. Select “Help!”… aaand you’re there to wreak havoc and max out whoever and whatever, and well… have fun  🙂
  • Earthbound Deluxe is a fanmade Earthbound, with new sprites not seen before, difficulty is edged up a bit, and so much more. Fair warning: If you haven’t played Earthbound, you don’t want to play this one first. It is difficult, and you won’t have a good time! For Earthbound fans that have run through it or played it a few times, this may be a good option for you since you’ll see and experience the differences and get a nice challenge.
  • Earthbound US release is just that- The US version that was released, unaltered.


All of these custom Earthbound carts are professionally built and come with a new battery, clean edge connectors, and tested for quality performance.

Additional Information

Earthbound Selection

Earthbound- Standard US version release, Earthbound Uncut, Earthbound Deluxe, Earthbound: Developer’s Edition

Snes Colors

Black, Fire (Trans Orange), Gray, Ice Blue, Pink, Solid Blue, Solid Green, Translucent Green, translucent red


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