Super Bonk 1&2


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Super Bonk and Super Bonk 2 are both fantastic games for younger kids and adults of any age. These 2 remind me of Kirby in a way, because of the different mini games throughout, and the unforgettable ‘meat’ pieces you find that change Bonk into Crazy Bonk, Feminine Bonk, Dragon Bonk, and more! Bonk #2 is a partial translation, partial being that some of the signs and some quick words here and there (like the title, and small details that don’t compromise gameplay) could not be changed when they translated it.

Super Bonk 1&2 come complete with clean edge connectors, tested for quality performance, and is available in the regular gray shell, or you may select a different color of your choice. Any age will have a good time with Super Bonk, makes a fantastic gift for any occasion, and switching between games is easy- hold your reset down for 3 seconds, then release.*


*If you have a new generation of the Supaboy, you will have to hold your reset until the screen goes blank (about 10 seconds), then hold for an additional 3 seconds. Please read over our FAQ designated for the Supaboy.

**Retron 5, Retro Duo Twin/Trio, and Retro Duo Portable players: Read over the Additional Information/FAQs before purchasing.

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Snes Colors

Gray, Solid Green, Translucent Green, translucent red


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