Super Mario Allstars + Super Mario World + Donkey Kong 1,2,3



Product Description

This custom 8 in 1 cartridge is a fantastic combination of Donkey Kong and Mario, in all their classically fun and challenging glory. From swinging through pirate ships, bee hives, whacking koopas in your squirrel suit in your dash to reach the end, riding rhinos and more, you won’t want to take this one out!

Games are:

Mario Allstars

  1.  Super Mario Bros.
  2. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
  3. Super Mario Bros.2
  4. Super Mario Bros.3

5. Super Mario World

6.Donkey Kong Country

7. Donkey Kong 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

8.Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble


Our custom 8 in 1 cartridge is built with our top-of-the-line hardware, and is available in the regular gray, or you may select a different color shell.  With clean edge connectors, new battery, and save confirmation, it’s built to withstand many years of use. This cartridge saves independently and reliably, and switching between games is easy because it is now menu based! First you’ll come to a title screen- press any button to continue to the game selection area. From there scroll left or right to pick your first game to play, then press any button to begin! Need to get back to the menu? Turn your console off, then back on. Simple! 🙂


Retron5- This isn’t compatible






Additional Information

Snes Colors

Black, clear, Gray, Pink, Translucent Green, translucent red


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