Sunset Riders + Wild Guns

Classic shoot ’em ups that aim to please



Product Description

What a nice pair these 2 make- the fun, western shoot ’em up Wild Guns, and then the side-scrolling western shooter Sunset Riders. Either one of these games as an original would cost you more than what this duo costs! Both of these games are quite sought after, so pairing them just makes sense.

The Sunset Riders+Wild Guns cartridge comes complete with clean edge connectors, and has been tested for quality performance.  Built with our top-of-the-line hardware, it is available in the usual gray, with the option of selecting a different colored shell. This duo switches between games easily now that has our menu system integrated! You’ll first come to a title screen- press any button to reach the game selection area. Scroll left or right to select your game, then press any button to begin! Need to get back to the menu? Turn your console off, then back on- that simple! 🙂

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Snes Colors

clear, Gray, Translucent Green, translucent red


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