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Starfox Legacy is  a must-have for any Starfox fan! I remember watching my Dad play it (since I was awful) and being in awe… Now including the new Starfox2 in place of the prototype, this cart is ready to rock!

  • Starfox
  • Starfox2
  • Starfox Super Competition Weekend
  • Starfox overclocked @40mhz ** ( the 32 MHz is available in very limited amounts)

The overclock carts have Starfox  sped up to reduce the lag look- this does not take away the lag, but it does smooth it out to be unnoticeable. For all you daredevils out there, the 40mhz is right up your alley! You will be on your toes while playing, as things are moving a bit faster than you remember…

This custom Starfox Legacy cartridge is on our menu system, meaning that you can literally scroll between games and select your game on the menu! This cart makes a fantastic gift that will wow any friend or family, and more shell colors will be available soon. If you have any questions whatsoever, you can reach us by filling out the contact form below. Thanks!

Retron5- This cart is not compatible for you 🙁

Additional Information

Starfox Options

Starfox Legacy overclocked @40mhz, starfox legacy

Snes Colors

Black, clear, Gray, Ice Blue, Pink, Smoke (trans blk), translucent red, White


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