Star Wars Trilogy+ Indiana Jones Collection



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Star Wars AND Indiana Jones Trilogy?! I know, we hear it all the time- Is this the Harrison Ford collection? Haha!

No, of course not, but these trilogies on their own are amazing, and since someone had requested this before, we decided to bring it out for everyone to enjoy!

While I’m still catching up on listings and details for so many games, I’ll fill out some obvious points:

This custom cartridge is expertly built, with our professional parts and custom label, edge connectors polished, menu set, and is ready to go out of the box(the box we ship in- we are hoping for CIBs someday for some of our carts!). This makes a great gift, especially since we can personalize it with your favorite picture, have a ‘happy birthday james!’ text, and so on.

The translucent red shells are out of stock, but our solid reds are still available- just a side note since our gallery depicts the trans red shell.



This cart is not compatible with the R5

Additional Information

Snes Colors

Black, clear, Gray


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