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Star Ocean is one of the top RPGs ever made, and the biggest game ever made for the Snes. This game couldn’t be better, and has much to offer. The story involves three friends who, while searching for the cure to a new disease, come into contact with a space-faring federation that is locked in a war with another galactic power. Using advanced technologies and time travel, the group attempts to uncover the cause of the war and to find a cure for their planet. Unlike many other RPGs, battles occur in real time, rather than turn based. Visiting dungeons, towns, running into the Earth Federation, exploring other lands to save lives, and more are apart of this game. The game is massive, and will have you craving to get back home to play.

Star Ocean comes complete with clean edge connectors, new battery, save confirmation, and is tested for quality performance. Star Ocean is available in the regular gray shell, with the option of black, blue, and translucent red. This custom cartridge makes a fantastic gift for any occasion, especially to gift to yourself…

This cart IS compatible with the Snes, RDP, Retro Duo Twin/Trio,  Supaboy, Yobo, and Retron 2 and 3, and the Super NT.

This cart will NOT work on the Retron 5 🙁


Additional Information

Snes Colors

Black, Fire (Trans Orange), Gray, Smoke (trans blk), Solid Blue, translucent red


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