Shmup Multicart



Product Description

Ready for a run n gun? Look no further! Our Genesis shoot ’em up is sure to please, with fantastic titles and non-stop action, you’re bound to have a good time solo or with friends!

Shmup 1 has:

  • Truxton
  • Super Fantasy Zone
  • Air Buster
  • Insector X

Our custom Genesis cart is built with the highest quality parts and our custom design, and comes in a black shell or a color of your choice. How to switch to a different game: We have a switch in the upper left corner, which is activated via magnet (that we provide, though fridge magnets work too), and simply passing the magnet by the corner is enough to automatically switch to the next game.

Our genesis carts are guaranteed to work on the the Genesis, Retron 2, 3, and RetroTrio. All other consoles please inquire; there are so many coming out of the woodworks that we may have missed a few.


Additional Information

Genesis Colors

Black, Blue, Clear, Red, Trans Blue, Trans Green, Trans Purple (Light), Trans Red


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