Sailor Moon GG- Bishoujo Senshui!


Product Description

Sailor Moon- now on GameGear in English! More details to come soon, as I have to put representations worthy of this awesome experience/gameplay 🙂

For ANY comments or inquiries please message us, we are proud to offer these beautiful games and hope to provide some alternate shells too!

Facts: New CUSTOM circuit board by yours truly, new battery (lasts 25 yrs), works and runs on GGear, and it’s a brand new circuit board with an original game shell.

We hope to provide mint shells in the future, however the cost really hurts…so we are doing our best to make that happen asap! In the meantime, we will pick the best shells possible for you to own and slide into your collection area.

Questions? Let me hear ’em! Please send to we are more than happy to address ANY problems you’ve come across.



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