SA4in1: Chatting Parodius Live!, Kirby Super Star, Mario RPG and more!


Product Description

Parodius Live!, Mario RPG, Kirby S.S, and Kirby in Dreamland3 are all excellent games in their own respects, and we have fun revisiting them often ourselves…usually when we test them before shipping!

Most have little to no knowledge of how amazing this side-scrolling shooter truly is: Hilarious parodies (Santa juggling chicken wings… crazy penguins that try to nab you with their bags…), challenging levels, super sick power ups, vibrant colors/artwork throughout, various characters to choose from, save states, and more. One thing to note is Chatting isn’t translated, but it doesn’t stifle the joy and fun of the game( I do have the translation the the pause/menu screen- will add it soon for those curious).

Personal fave? RAN!!!!!!! He is my ultimate fave, would totally buy a plush of him 🙂 Those kitty paws and his bell is wicked! I won’t give everything away though…

The only downfall to the awesomeness is the limited choice of colors available- gray. We use original shells, so they aren’t perfect, but we pick the best ones we can find.

This custom cart is guaranteed to play on the original Snes, and as we test more consoles and receive more items to test on, we may expand the coverage so to speak.

This cart is not compatible with the Retron5


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