SA 4in1: Marvelous, Mario RPG, and MoRe!

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It’s available now! Pick up your slice of fun with our SA 4in1, which includes:

  • Kirby Super Star
  • Kirby in Dreamland3
  • Mario RPG: Legend of 7 Stars
  • Marvelous: Another Treasure Island

Marvelous: Another Treasure Island, is English translated and is a fantastic game, and gives a Zelda-ish vibe in some ways. Very fun, especially if you like RPGs and adventure! Mario RPG, Kirby S.S, and Kirby in Dreamland3 are all excellent games in their own respects, and we have fun revisiting them often ourselves…usually when we test them before shipping!

The only downfall to the awesomeness is the limited choice of colors available- gray. We use original shells, so they aren’t perfect, but we pick the best ones we can find.

This custom cart is guaranteed to play on the original Snes, and as we test more consoles and receive more items to test on, we may expand the coverage so to speak.

This cart is not compatible with the Retron5

1 review for SA 4in1: Marvelous, Mario RPG, and MoRe!

  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    It is just a perfect combination of hard to get games. They do work without any issue, even in the new Analogue Super NT (I was one of the lucky ones to get one in their first batch). I am happy to report that you can changue the games not only by pressing the reset button 3 seconds, but also by using the reset combination of your choice in the pad so you do not even need to move off the sofa!
    Absolutely fantastic!

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