Ranma 1/2: Treasure of the Red Cat Gang



Product Description

Ranma 1/2: Treasure of the Red Cat Gang is a lesser known RPG, but still plenty of fun and slightly comedic. Ramna Saaotome is walking home at night from work, and mistakenly walks into the graveyard of God’s and Demons, and accidentally knocks over a tomb. Unfortunately for Ranma, the tomb belonged to Nekomaou, whose spirit is now free to gather the Red Cat Gang to search for the 3 gems- Peach Gem, Sakura Sword, and Forest Mirror. The gems can be used to recreate the Star Crystal, and Nekomaou’s plan is to attain his wish of world domination with it. Ramna and his friends travel to try and stop Nekomaou, but Ramna has ideas of his own for the Star Crystal…

This custom Ranma 1/2: Treasure of the Red Cat Gang is a fun, comedic RPG that just doesn’t get enough credit, and will be a great addition to your collection. Ranma makes a great gift for any occasion, especially as a gift to yourself… Ranma comes complete with clean edge connectors, new battery, and has been tested for quality performance. Ranma’s shell is the regular gray, with option of selecting translucent red.


This cart is compatible with the Snes and all clone consoles! Woohoo!




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Snes Colors

Gray, translucent red


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