Outrun+Outrunners+Turbo Outrun+Outrun 2019



Product Description

Yes, it’s real, and yes it works… The Outrun multi cart!

Get ready to drive that Ferrari Testarossa Spider against the time clock while narrowly missing oncoming traffic and other obstacles along the way. Noted for its amazing gameplay and one of the best selling video games of its time, this Outrun 4 in 1 won’t burn you out. Fun fact: in retrospect interviews with Yu Suzuki, Outrun is classified as a “driving game” instead of a racing game.

Outrun 4 in 1 is built with our top-of-the-line hardware, and is available in the regular black shell, trans. blue, or trans. red shell. To switch between games: Hold your magnet at the switch point (see pictures) for 2 seconds, then remove magnet. Reset your console, and the next game starts.*


Additional Information

Genesis Colors

Black, Blue, Clear, Red, Trans Blue, Trans Red, White


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