Donkey Kong- Monkey Mania!




Product Description

Donkey Kong: Monkey Mania has all of your beloved DK games AND the remakes, which are absolutely STELLAR! Being DK fans ourselves- I practically cried begging for my dad to play another round as a kid- we are quite pleased with this perfectly balanced , 9 GAME Collection.

I’ll try and provide more details, but there’s a lot that need more details…


This is perfect for: Super NT, Original Snes, supaboy,R1,R2,R3, RDP, and most others.

This will not work on: R5 (Retron5), Gamefreak/freaq…  <–Don’t you just hate those sneaky emulators in a plastic box?

Additional Information

Snes Colors

clear, Dandelion Yellow, Gray, Ice Blue, Pink, Smoke (trans blk), Translucent Green, translucent red


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