Mega Man: The Wily Wars



Product Description

Mega Man: The Wily Wars is a compilation of sorts of the first 3 (MMan, MM2,MM3) Mega Mans, remade and cleaned up for a more fun experience, and with the important ability to save your progress too!

Evil Dr. Wily travels back in time when he battled Mega Man previously, in an attempt to defeat and be rid of him with the help of his malevolent robotic creations. Once working your way through the levels, you now have to tackle the Wily Tower… Okay, I won’t spoil anything so I’ll stop here, while still leaving many questions unanswered 🙂

Our custom Mega Man:Wily Wars cart is professionally built with our custom software and hardware,  and is guaranteed to play on all original and clone systems! Woohoo!

Additional Information

Genesis Colors

Black, Blue, Clear, Red, Trans Blue, Trans Green, Trans Red, Trans Teal (light blue-ish/ aqua)


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