Marvelous: Another Treasure Island


Product Description

Marvelous really IS marvelous! Most who’ve played it before say it closely resembles gameplay much like Zelda and Lost Vikings.

Our main characters are three young campers named Deon, Max, and Jack. They along with other kids and a couple adults are on a camping trip on an island which supposedly houses a legendary treasure called “Marvelous”. Unfortunately, a group of greedy pirates also happens to be on this same island looking for the treasure. When the pirates cause the camping trip to go awry, the three boys embark on a journey to set things straight.

Along with comedic dialogue, fun characters, puzzles to solve, enemies to beat, it is definitely one of the lost treasures of the Snes collection.

Marvelous comes complete with:

Clean edge connectors

New battery

Save confirmation

Marvelous is built with our top-of-the-line hardware, and is available in our regular gray shell, or you may select another of your choice. Marvelous is sure to please any RPG fan, and makes a fantastic gift for any occasion.

This SA1 cart will not play on: Retron 5, RDP, Retro Duo Twin/Trio, yobo, or older gen supaboys.

It will work on: Snes, new gen Supaboys.*

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