Lost Vikings 1&2



Product Description

Lost Vikings 1&2 is a puzzle platform game that will put your strategic thinking in gear. The Vikings have to escape Tomator, the evil emperor of an alien empire, and traverse bizarre locations to get back home. In the second, they get cool new attributes and features, along with new characters, and must figure out how to escape Tomator’s demented plans for them.

Lost Vikings 1&2 come complete with clean edge connectors, tested for quality performance, and is available in the regular gray shell, or you may select a color of your choosing. Built with our top-of-the-line hardware, Lost Vikings 1&2 is sure to please the strategists, and switching between games is easy with our menu system! Simply power on- press any button to pass through the title screen and enter the game selection area-from there, scroll left or right to pick which game you want to play, then press any button to begin! Ready to change again? Power off, then back on, and you’re back to the menu 🙂


This isn’t compatible for Retron5

Additional Information

Snes Colors

clear, Gray, Translucent Green, translucent red


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