Kirby Super Star+ Dreamland 3


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Our custom Kirby Super Star+ Dreamland 3 duo is a great way to play both fantastic games at a fantastic price, and it of course fits right in with the other goodies.

Super Star is comprised of 8 games, which are:

Dyna Blade

Spring Breeze

Gourmet Race

The Great Cave Offensive

Revenge of Meta Knight

Milky Way Wishes

The Arena Samurai Kirby/Megaton Punch

Dreamland 3 is your platform type fun all the way through- Kirby and Gooey set to relax and hit a fishing spot, when Dark Matter suddenly emerges and shatters the planet’s rings. Bad news gets worse when Dark Matter possesses many Dream Landers, including the well known King Dedede; Kirby and Gooey set out to make things right…

Fun fact: There are 2 endings to Dreamland 🙂

Your custom Kirby cart comes complete with clean edge connectors, new battery, and is tested before shipping to ensure quality performance. Kirby is ready for anyone to play, so grab one before we run out of stock!


Kirby is compatible with all Snes consoles, and the Super NT. This cartridge is NOT COMPATIBLE with: Retron 2, 3, 5, Yobo, older generation supaboys, and RDPs, and most other clones. However, if you have a new generation of Supaboy, it plays on those 🙂


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