Hagane+ Metal Warriors


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The Fuma clan is supposed to protect the Holy Grail, and fails as the evil Koma clan attack and defeat the Fuma, stealing the Holy Grail in the process. As the Koma annihilated the Fuma, they failed to noticed that one survived.
As Hagane clings to life, he is brought back with the help of cyber technology and Momochi. Help Hagane get his revenge and get the Holy Grail back in this intense and action packed game!

Metal Warriors is set in the year 2102, with war and devastation overruling the Earth, orchestrated by Dark Axis led by the leader Venkar Amon. The few warriors remaining to defend Earth become Metal Warriors. This game has a 2 player where it splits the screens, allowing both players to move more freely, and in general gameplay you can get out of your mech suit, change into different ones, etc.  This fun pair will save you a lot of grief and money, considering what these games cost separately with the original hardware/shells, and you’ll have a great time playing both with or without your sidekick.

Hagane+ Metal Warriors is built with our to-of-the-line hardware, comes complete with clean edge connectors, and has been tested for quality performance. With different options besides gray for the shell, this game can be tailored to make a fantastic gift for any occasion, and switching between games is simple now that all of our carts are menu capable! Simply push any button to pass the menu screen, then scroll left or right to select your game, push any button on emore time and your game plays! It’s user friendly and effortless.


** Retron 5- this isn’t compatible for you  🙁


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Snes Colors

Black, Fire (Trans Orange), Ice Blue, Pink, Smoke (trans blk), Solid Blue, Solid Green, translucent red, White


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