Golden Axe 1,2,3 Collection



Product Description

The Golden Axe Collection has all 3 side-scrolling beat ’em ups, with the series taking place in a medieval-fantasy world where heroes have the task of recovering the legendary Golden Axe, the main element of the series.

Golden Axe 3 wasn’t available in America in cart form, and was only available for a short time overall in NA. Having all 3 fully playable, and on the same cart is fantastic and a no-brainer way to play; who really wants to alternate carts constantly? Get ready to kick a butts and work your way from Death Adder to the Prince of Darkness.

This custom Golden Axe Collection cart is available in a variety of colors, and is built with the highest quality parts. Cycling between games is a breeze: See the magnet sign in the top left corner? All you do is pass the magnet over that spot, and your game will automatically switch to the next. Easy breezy!

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Guaranteed to work on all Genesis and most clone models. Will not work with Game Freak (emulation software), or other emulation clones such as the Retron5 (R5).


Additional Information

Genesis Colors

Black, Blue, Clear, Fire, Gold, Red, Trans Blue, Trans Green, Trans Pink, Trans Purple (Light), Trans Red, Trans Teal (light blue-ish/ aqua), White, Yellow


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