Final Fantasy 6: The Eternal Crystals



Product Description

Final Fantasy 6: The Eternal Crystals is another fantastic fanmade to bring into your collection.
What makes this fanmade game special is that it includes a variety of features:
•New Events
•New Sprites and Portraits
•New Dungeons
•New Characters – a total of 15 fully functional players!
•New Espers

Eternal Crystals comes complete with:

New battery

Clean edge connectors

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Eternal Crystals is built with our top of the line hardware, and is available in either our regular gray shell or our purple shell. This cartridge is bound to please anyone that is a Final Fantasy fan, and makes a great gift for any occasion.

All snes cartridge consoles are compatible for this cart! Woohoo!



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All Compatible

Woohoo! Everyone, get your game on!

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