Final Fantasy 6: Brave New World


A vanilla style overhaul of Final Fantasy 6 called Brave New World.


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Product Description

Final Fantasy 6: Brave New World is a fan made, vanilla style version of Final Fantasy 6, modified in the way the authors thought FF6 should’ve been.  If this isn’t an overhaul, it sure is close- you can visit the authors here at, and email them at or

This vanilla-style overhaul of Final Fantasy 6 includes but is not limited to:

• Character-based esper restrictions and new stat boosts that promote diversity and allow for customized development

•Aiming to remove dead weight and provide players with more choices, they have rebalanced the equipment, items, spells, and skills.

• A renewed and revised script that rectifies the errors in translation, and builds on the now finer-tuned characterization and plot.

•An excellent overhaul on enemies that will give both veterans and newcomers a welcome, anticipated challenge.


There is so much more, but we can’t give all the details away…

The Brave New World custom cartridge comes complete with:

New battery

Clean edge connectors

Save confirmation

Brave New World is built with our top-of-the-line hardware, and is only available in the custom purple shell. Brave New World is the perfect addition to any collection, and makes a fantastic gift for any occasion.

This cartridge is compatible with both the snes and all clone consoles! Woohoo!







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Gray, Translucent Green


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