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Now featuring… Far East of Eden, in English! There is a very limited supply, so better snap it up quick!




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Far East of Eden

NTSC (as shown), SFC/PAL shell

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  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is a very interesting game: it came at the end of the SNES cycle and was never released outside Japan. It has taken over 2 decades to be hacked and be beautifully translated into English. Most people who read this will think: well over 100 dollars for an old game: are you joking? Well, let me tell you: if you know your classic RPGs, this is literally a jewel that was lost and now you can play it. This is no a standard game in any sense and also requires a special chip to decompress the graphics which are superb, by the way. This is like discovering a fine wine that you always wish you could get but was not for sale and, suddenly, discovering that few bottles are available and you can taste it (This literally happened to me with 6 bottles with the Family vintage of Chateau Lafite many years back and it is just quite something). Anyway, is it worth the money? ABSOLUTELY! Can you trust Retro Circuits: ABSOLUTELY! They have the best customer service and their products (I have few now) are second to none. Once you start buying from them, you do not look elsewhere if you care about quality.
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