Conker’s Bad Fur Day: Uncensored



Product Description

When you thought Conker couldn’t get any naughtier… We found one that’s bumped a notch up from the original! No, nothing changed in gameplay, just more, um, ‘colorful’ language… You’ll start to see- or rather hear- the difference around 20 minutes or so into gameplay. Have you not played the original? This is a great alternative, since gameplay is true and authentically Conker, and all it is is the words are kicked up a notch.

Our custom N64 carts are made with our professional quality pcb’s, and comes in an original gray shell- for now. N64 will get an new look soon, with a variety of shell colors available to choose from(like the Snes side does), while still having the classic gray available.


Additional Information

N64 Colors

Clear, Gray


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