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Alright! Who hasn’t cracked a cartridge open yet? Maybe you bought a repro from someone else and want to see what’s going in there?* This is your chance to own a valuable tool at a great price! Nice, new, no slipping or stripping out your screws on your cartridges, I threw my old ones out and use these! Then again, mine were old and abused for 2 years straight, so that may have something to do with it…

There are 2 kinds to choose from- the Snes/Nes, and Genesis*/Snes Console

The Snes/Nes tool has the tapered end, whereas the Genesis tool doesn’t, so they are nice and easy to tell apart, and both are ridiculously easy to utilize and user friendly.

* A smaller amount of Genesis cartridges use a different tool, similar to a security torx, which the Genesis tool we currently provide isn’t compatible with. Please view the photos and compare before you buy!

*The Genesis tool provided can also remove the screws on your Snes console! Sweet, I know.



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Genesis Tool, Snes/Nes Tool


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