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BS Mario is unlike any other Super Mario Bros 2 gameplay- you start gameplay, and a few minutes in you change characters. On. The. Fly. And no, you don’t have a choice! Or, all the enemies will turn into hearts-or bombs. Remember the masked dude that’ll kick your butt if you hang around too long? Yep, he shows up at random too, all while you are avoiding pop up snakes shooting at you, the crazy flower throwing fire or whatever it is, and then digging your way down to boss #1. This is a multi cart comprised of 4 chapters, all levels you’ve may played before, but not quite like this. There are so many features to this one, like a time clock, today’s scores, etc. The intro is unusually long, so give it time to get to the gameplay- that’s just how it was made.

BS Mario is SO FUN! Originally it was in Japanese and it was released via broadcast satellaview network, with live actors voicing Mario’s friends/foes in the top right of the screen (they pop up frequently). Although the voices for the characters aren’t in the game-for obvious reasons- in the rumor mill supposedly someone is working on it…

The BS Mario cartridge comes complete with:

New battery

Clean edge connectors

Save Confirmation

BS Mario is built with our top-of-the-line hardware, and is available in the regular gray, or you may select another colored shell. Any Mario fan is sure to enjoy this twist, and it makes a fantastic gift for any occasion. Switching to the next chapter is easy- hold your reset down for 3 seconds, then release.*


*If you have a new generation of the Supaboy, you will have to hold your reset until the screen goes out (about 10 seconds), then hold for an additional 3 seconds. Please read over our FAQ designated for the Supaboy.

**Retron 5, Retro Duo Twin/Trio, and Retro Duo Portable players: Read over the Additional Information or FAQs before purchasing.



Additional Information

Snes Colors

clear, Gray, Translucent Green, translucent red


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