Awesome Games You Never Knew About Collection: Volume #2



Product Description

So you’re for an adventure of unknown possibilities… You’ve come to the right product!

We have a fantastic line-up of games you’ve probably not heard about, or maybe you have and kept on moving, but let me tell you these are FUN.

We’ve got:

  • Violinist of Hamlin
  • Super Gussun Oyoyo (Risky Challenge)
  • Crystal Beans from Dungeon Explorer
  • Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen (Monster War)

This custom mix is on our menu system, meaning that you can scroll through which game you’d like to play first! Yeah, it’s really cool and convenient, for starters… just imagine if you wanted one of the screens personalized with a special picture or message (we do that too) as a custom gift for yourself or someone else…Anyways, to reach the menu again, simply turn your console off, then back on again. In for more customization? Try one of our color shells!

 This cart is guaranteed to work on the original Snes, Retron2, R3, Supaboy, ClassiqHD, & Retro duo/trio/portable

Retron 5  consoles- Not Compatible

Additional Information

Snes Colors

clear, Gray, Ice Blue, Pink, Translucent Green, translucent red, White


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