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USA: We have a free shipping option for all US customers, and a 2 day priority flat rate box shipping selection if you want your package faster for an extra charge. All of our packages have tracking in the US, whether you ship regular or priority. Woohoo!

Overseas: I ship in the most efficient way possible so the fees aren’t through the roof. The general range for most countries sits around $10.75-15USD Shipping priority to your country is expensive- like starts at $50+USD expensive for everyone- but if your postal system is corrupt(Mexico, Spain, etc.), you may want to consider the additional cost to ensure your package will make it to your doorstep.

Regardless of where you’re located, I’ll send you tracking and delivery information once I drop packages off at the post, so make sure to look for an email from us!


4 thoughts on “Delivery Information

  1. Andrzej says:


    Can you tell me if you deliver to Europe/Poland, and how expensive would that be?


    1. wp_904 says:

      Sure can! I’ll send you some information shortly! Thanks Andrzej!

  2. Dan teh Chad says:

    You mentioned that you occasionally may get backed up on orders, how can we tell if a potential order may take longer?

    1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

      Hi Dan, under most circumstances I reach out to the individuals that may be affected by the delay, but I certainly don’t mind folks messaging us if they are excited to know where their custom game is process-wise 🙂

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