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I’m a married mother of 2 children that love to play these awesome games as well. I started out watching my dad play SMW as a kid, and although I was absolutely awful at playing games, I still enjoyed begging my dad to play for me insistently… I’m not too bad these days, but I won’t proclaim to be the master of anything!

This year my eldest started school, so my days have been drastically shortened… which means less time for me to build… So that’s been an adjustment that is still being worked in 🙂 All in all, I immensely enjoy my work, and it makes my day when I hear from you that you love your items!


Want to mail me something, or need us to take a look at something? Sweet! Please mail it to:


3416 Enterprise Dr.

Box 2566

Rowlett, TX 75030

You can always reach us by using the contact form at the bottom of every page, which goes directly to our email, or you can type in retrocircuits@gmail.com manually if you so choose.





12 thoughts on “About Us/Contact Us

  1. Jonathon says:

    Awesome start, its good to see Retro Gaming coming around, and this site is evidence of that.

  2. michael999344 says:

    I am very impressed with the quality of the cart i received and i will definitely recommend this site to my friends.

  3. Zachary says:

    Soul Blazer+Terranigma series… Why leave out Illusion of Gaia?

    1. wp_904 says:

      Hi Zach,
      Illusion will be included soon, and the listing will be updated along with a new label! Don’t worry, it’s coming soon 🙂

  4. Rich says:

    Do you guys go to retropalooza dallas since youre in the area?

    1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

      Hi Rich,
      Yes we do every year! It is one of our favorite shows besides the Houston one- great people to talk with, relaxed and fun atmosphere, the organizers are awesome… So yes 🙂
      Hope to see you there, and if you (and others) come by, please tell me who you are! I love meeting with the folks I talk to via email or through fb messages!

      1. Mattroid says:

        Which Houston show? If you’ll be at the HAAG show next month, then I’d love to see what you have on you.

        1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

          I don’t think we will be attending that convention this year, but I’ll certainly look it over! Thanks!

  5. Raul Gubert says:

    hello , just out of curiosity, do you ship also to Europe?…I might buy a super nt by Analogue when it comes out…thank you, I love this idea of having old games but with a good a new quality to it.

    1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

      Hi Raul,
      We do ship to Europe! Thank you, and if you have any combos or ideas we like hearing those too 🙂

  6. Randy says:

    Hello, i’m interested in the game you guys have for sale: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: ANCIENT STONE TABLETS… However I’m slightly confused by the AST options, for regular and master quest.. What’s the difference is master quest different than the regular AST or is both versions availabe?

    1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

      Hi Randy,
      Both are available for purchase; Master Quest(MQ) is harder than the regular AST, with harder dungeons and battles, amongst other various challenges. If you like a hearty challenge right out of the gate, then AST MQ is definitely for you 🙂
      Thanks Randy!

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