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I’m a married mother of 2 children that love to play these awesome games as well. I started out watching my dad play SMW as a kid, and although I was absolutely awful at playing games, I still enjoyed begging my dad to play for me. I’m not too bad these days, but I won’t proclaim to be the master of anything!


Want to mail me something, or need us to take a look at something? Sweet! Please mail it to:


8909 Wood Glen Dr.

Rowlett, TX 75088

You can always reach us by using the contact form at the bottom of every page, which goes directly to our email, or you can type in retrocircuits@gmail.com manually if you so choose.





24 thoughts on “About Us/Contact Us

  1. Jonathon says:

    Awesome start, its good to see Retro Gaming coming around, and this site is evidence of that.

  2. michael999344 says:

    I am very impressed with the quality of the cart i received and i will definitely recommend this site to my friends.

  3. Zachary says:

    Soul Blazer+Terranigma series… Why leave out Illusion of Gaia?

    1. wp_904 says:

      Hi Zach,
      Illusion will be included soon, and the listing will be updated along with a new label! Don’t worry, it’s coming soon 🙂

  4. Rich says:

    Do you guys go to retropalooza dallas since youre in the area?

    1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

      Hi Rich,
      Yes we do every year! It is one of our favorite shows besides the Houston one- great people to talk with, relaxed and fun atmosphere, the organizers are awesome… So yes 🙂
      Hope to see you there, and if you (and others) come by, please tell me who you are! I love meeting with the folks I talk to via email or through fb messages!

      1. Mattroid says:

        Which Houston show? If you’ll be at the HAAG show next month, then I’d love to see what you have on you.

        1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

          I don’t think we will be attending that convention this year, but I’ll certainly look it over! Thanks!

  5. Raul Gubert says:

    hello , just out of curiosity, do you ship also to Europe?…I might buy a super nt by Analogue when it comes out…thank you, I love this idea of having old games but with a good a new quality to it.

    1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

      Hi Raul,
      We do ship to Europe! Thank you, and if you have any combos or ideas we like hearing those too 🙂

  6. Randy says:

    Hello, i’m interested in the game you guys have for sale: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: ANCIENT STONE TABLETS… However I’m slightly confused by the AST options, for regular and master quest.. What’s the difference is master quest different than the regular AST or is both versions availabe?

    1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

      Hi Randy,
      Both are available for purchase; Master Quest(MQ) is harder than the regular AST, with harder dungeons and battles, amongst other various challenges. If you like a hearty challenge right out of the gate, then AST MQ is definitely for you 🙂
      Thanks Randy!

      1. Adam says:

        Hello, I got a couple of questions regarding Zelda Stone Tablets as well. Is the Ancient Stone Tablets the official original release on the Satellaview? And the Master Quest a hack? Or are they both official releases on the Satellaview?

        My next question is about the carts voltage as I’m a little confused on this subject. I’ve never bought a repro before. I read that snes repro carts can be lower voltage 3.3v instead of 5v. Are your carts 5v or 3.3v?

  7. Leonardo says:

    Dear Retrocircuits team, I am planning my next purchase (even when I have not received my first order yet!). I wonder if you can make a cardridge with the English version of “Far East of Eden Zero”. The fully translated rom is already available in v3.0 (http://www.romhacking.net/translations/3243/). I presume you need a donor cardridge from Japan before you can rewrite the eprom. It is not rare in Japanese and still has a reasonable prices on ebay. The original card uses the SPC7110 chip for compression so I do not imagine there is any other way around.
    If you could make it, how much would it cost and how long would it take?
    Thanks in advance!


    1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

      hi Leonardo 🙂
      Yes, we are currently waiting on various components to arrive. Not sure on the timeline, but we will send a message to you as well as post to facebook 🙂

  8. Cesar says:

    Hello, i d like to know if the flash cards go to 3,3v or 5v. I ve read that 3,3v cardridges can damage snes. Are compatibles these with new super nt ?

  9. Hi Randy.
    I have a question:
    How much does it cost for you to make the Disney’s Magical Quest Trilogy?

    1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

      Hi Stephen,
      If you would like to contact us directly through email, we can discuss options/mixes/prices, etc. much easier that way.

  10. ZyloWolfBane says:

    First, your site blows my mind. I found you via John Riggs (@johnblueriggs) on youtube and I’m going to be doing my best to order some of these games from you in the future.

    My grandfather has been playing the same Romance of the three kingdoms carts on his SNES since I was a kid, even to this very day. So naturally when I saw that you had it listed in a multicart my jaw dropped.

    Thank you for existing, please continue your work!

    1. Retro Circuits Admin says:

      That is so AWESOME! Your grandfather has impeccable taste! 🙂 Sure, if you’re looking for something custom, or a regular cart you’ve seen here or elsewhere, let us know and we can get you fixed up right!
      Thanks Zylo for reaching out!

  11. Leonardo_BVB says:

    Dear Retrocircuits team, I received my carts today and I am absolutely delighted. I am also extremely grateful for the extra cartridge, which came just in time to be my first birthday present (my birthday in on the 14th of March).

    The quality is excellent and they work without a hitch, even in my new Analogue super NT. I am happy to let you know that the SA-1 games change without any issues in the Analogue Super NT by either using the reset button for 3 seconds or by the reset combination in the pad for 3 seconds (mine is UP+select). There is no need for any magnet system as far as I go.

    You are absolutely brilliant and, needless to say, you have created another committed customer in me!
    Please feel free to use this feedback in any way you wish.


  12. citellij says:

    I would like to thank Katy & Mark for the six wonderful carts they made for me. All I can say is wow. The craftsmanship and quality is top notch and I look forward to playing these great games for a long time.once again thanks for the constant updates and communication throughout the entiret process. You definitely have a lifelong customer.

    Joe Citelli

  13. cool_biker says:

    This site is absolutely amazing I found you via Madlittlepixel and he was right the quality of the cart is the best I’ve ever seen, I just got my copy of Ranma Treasure of the Red Cat Gang and it seems to work great I’ve only booted it up to the title screen as I’m currently making my way through another game at the moment but this will be the next SNES game I play.

    I thought I’d leave a comment here because I wanted to leave some good feedback and say thanks and also because on a lot of the listings you list weather the games work on things like the Retron 5, I actually have a Super NT not an NTSC SNES so I thought you might like to add that this game works with the Super NT Firmware 4.5 as well.

  14. mdmorar says:

    I was at the Houston Retropalooza this year and we chatted for about 40 minutes about Earthbound and I enjoyed it immensely. I purchased the zelda sequels in one cart as well as the chrono trigger sequel crimson echos. Can’t wait to get started. I did see the cart with the all the games on them including radical dreamers as well as the other that are also chrono world games. I wanted to know if I could get them in individual carts with art. That would be so cool!! Also the earthbound developers toolbox or the uncut, which one do you prefer as I’m also interested in getting that cart as well. It was cool messing around with the developers toolbox while i was at the booth, but not sure what uncut offers.

    Nice to meet you guys and can’t wait till you guys are back around town. I will definitely come see your booth again and am definitely happy that there is someone out there who makes these amazing carts to play on original consoles.


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